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Thermographic Survey as Predictive maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance programs in a number of industries have come to rely on the use of infrared thermography. Thermal imaging enables abnormalities in machinery, piping, electrical switchboards, and power lines to be detected. This then allows costly and potentially damaging failures to be avoided. A thermographic survey is performed with a particular camera that can take pictures in the i..... Read More
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Key Services

Australasian Maintenance Solutions have been providing support and services for clients large and small for ten years. During this time we have offered and executed solutions from a simple review through to an outsourced solution. Our main service offerings are listed below: Machine vibration analysis Oil analysis Thermal Imaging surveys Maintenance Inventory Procurement Inventory Stores Manage..... Read More
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Condition Monitoring Techniques

Condition Monitoring has probably been the most misunderstood term by improvement programs. What Condition Monitoring actually means is a process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, such that a significant change in indicative of developing failure and is necessary for productive maintenance. Australasian Maintenance Solutions Pty Ltd employs the following techniques in order to..... Read More
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