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Thermographic Survey as Predictive maintenance Program
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Preventative maintenance programs in a number of industries have come to rely on the use of infrared thermography. Thermal imaging enables abnormalities in machinery, piping, electrical switchboards, and power lines to be detected. This then allows costly and potentially damaging failures to be avoided.

A thermographic survey is performed with a particular camera that can take pictures in the infrared spectrum. The Infrared scan will show the thermal evaluation of an object either hot or cold, without requiring operators to interrupt the normal operation of equipment. The readings can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Thermal imaging technology can be used in any application where heat is an indicator of a fault.

Infrared radiation can be used to remotely determine the temperature of objects. Faults that can be detected with the camera are indicated by elevated heat that emanates from the problem area. The causes of these faults range from a loose connection on a circuit breaker, an overcurrent problem on a circuit or simply a loose screw, all of which are normally undetected with the uncovered eye. By being practical with the Thermal Imaging Scans, our clients have the opportunity to identify potential issues before they result in costly repairs, loss of production and trade.

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