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Inventory Management Procedures and Maintenance Audit Service - Australia

Maintenance Inventory Management is one of the more important process required if organisations are to reduce inventory levels and costs.

AMS have experience in the three main areas of assessing plant criticality, determining inventory levels and managing suppliers. Many organisations understand this it is critical that if these three processes are managed as one, they will bring about financial reward to any organisation.

AMS will work with your organisation to set up the procedures necessary to bring
about a change that many organisations are looking for – lower overall costs.

In order to set up a Maintenance Inventory Management Procedure a base line audit is required.

  • AMS offer a total solution to meet lower cost and stored inventory requirements, while maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted manufacturing process.
  • AMS believe that we are able to significantly lower inventory, using our “Toward Zero” model.
  • As an interim AMS will help you better manage the flow of your inventory.
  • AMS are a useful tool, not the definitive answer; providing support, advice, creating a mix of ideas, and being impartial in presented options.

The three Main Stages of our Audit Process are;

  • Agree to the Terms of Reference of the Audit and Specify the overall Outcomes of the Audit
  • Identify Areas of Greatest Scope for Improvement or Potential Loss, by identifying Situations Out Of Control, and by Assessing the Ability of the Organisation to Measure Its Performance
  • Develop business models of the Organisation which depicts “Where We Are Now”, “Where We Want to be” and a plan of “How we get there”