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Supplier Accreditation

Living with an Excellent Supply Partner

Very few organisations today can perform business excellence without the help and support of its own suppliers. This fact has been documented successfully and sometimes repeatedly by many of the excellent manufacturing organisations.

But does it hold true for maintenance inventory?

Supplier accreditation programs are being practiced in many manufacturing organizations, but not as successfully for maintenance materials as has been achieved for raw materials and finished goods.

AMS have developed a supplier accreditation program that will help your organisation to form strategic relationships with all your suppliers of maintenance materials.

Success Factors

  • Communication
  • Top Management Support
  • Trust
  • Strategic Direction
  • Shared Goals
  • Quality Control
  • Up Front Planning
  • Conflict Management
  • Regular Meetings

AMS believe that the there is a very simple process hindering the success that is lacking in this area of management and that is:-
…………….“The understanding of the organisations suppliers capabilities, together with the suppliers understanding of the organisations expectations.”