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CMMS Implementation & Maintenance Plan

The last ten years in industry has seen the proliferation of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, CMMS. There is now in excess of 500 CMMS packages available world wide, not to mention huge integrated systems combining all facets of business from Maintenance plans to Production Scheduling. This makes choosing and implementing a site or business appropriate system a major task. AMS practioners have worked with a number of major and minor CMMS packages and are adept at assisting clients through the selection and implementation process.

Broadly the AMS selection and implementation process follows the following steps

  1. Determine the business objectives and drivers for implementation of a system
  2. Determine the existing business internal processes
  3. Review a selection of CMMS packages
  4. Select a system that most closely meets the business requirements without customisation
  5. Compare system processes with existing business processes
  6. Align the processes across the business
  7. Populate the CMMS with equipment and inventory data
  8. Populate the CMMS with Maintenance Plan data
  9. Commission the CMMS

It is most important during this process to capture and align commonality between inter business function is Finance and Maintenance so that confusion is avoided once the system is in operation.

  1. Maintenance System Review
  2. Maintenance Strategy Development
  3. Maintenance Plan Implementation