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Maintenance Improvement Plan Implementation

From years of experience working with maintenance organisations through out Australia and Asia AMS have found that the most effective results come from coaching client personnel in how to implement and maintain results from Maintenance Optimisation programs. AMS personnel act as the coach and mentor for client personnel and provide the drive and motivation to achieve improvement results as well as assisting to implement change via education in the maintenance process.

The AMS Maintenance Plan Implementation program follows a 6 step process

  1. Identify the Improvement
  2. Define the areas of change and the associated benefits
  3. Select client advocates
  4. Work with the advocates to plan the changes
  5. Work with the advocates to implement the change
  6. Monitor results and adjust the program accordingly

The use of AMS personnel in coaching client advocates has proven particularly successful. The reason for this is that AMS personnel are not distracted by normal day to day plant operational issues and can therefore provide the appropriate time and support required to implement Maintenance Improvement programs. Allowing site personnel the time to absorb the change and gain the ability to sustain the change.