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Maintenance Strategy Development for Reliability

Fundamental to the reliability of plant and equipment is a well constructed Maintenance Strategy and associated maintenance plans, detailing the Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance requirements for all plant assets.
AMS take our clients through the development of a sound Maintenance Strategy following tried and proven methodologies

The AMS methodology follows the following 10 step process

  1. Determine the business objectives, operational and maintenance requirements,
  2. Carry out an analysis of operational requirements and constraints
  3. Identify all plant equipment and components
  4. Identify the criticality of each piece of equipment in relation to the overall operation and the business
  5. Conduct failure analysis on each piece of equipment
  6. Determine the appropriate strategy for each piece of equipment eg. run to failure, condition based, time based etc
  7. Determine the most appropriate maintenance actions to predict or prevent failure
  8. Eliminate actions that do not meet the business requirements
  9. Compile appropriate actions in to like categories based on trade type, frequency, access etc
  10. Enter the grouped actions, in an appropriate format, as Standard work the CMMS

Our experience has proven that the best results are obtained by utilising a small number of experienced site personnel to work with our consultants on an as required basis to add ownership to the process and also to educate the site personnel in the process of developing maintenance plans.
This process has proven particularly effective at developing maintenance plans as a new plant or piece of equipment is being constructed. This allows the equipment to be started with a detailed maintenance plan in place on day one of operation.

  1. Maintenance System Review
  2. Maintenance Plan Implementation
  3. CMMS Implementation